Nana’s Donuts

Leslie has a habit of being obsessed by sweet vegan treats and that, somehow, leads her and her husband, Alan, to own businesses that will feed her addiction. 

Her compulsive need for  chef Jason Sellers’ to-die-for dairy-free coconut milk based ice cream led her and Alan, along with Jason, to open the popular vegan restaurant Plant in Asheville, NC.

After Leslie and Alan moved to Charleston, she became enamored with the scrumptious Diggity Doughnuts made by Ambergre Sloan. For two years, Leslie trailed behind the little green truck and polished off copious amounts of Ambergre’s unique and fabulous donuts (Casper and Maple flavors are her favorites). When Ambergre opened the storefront, Leslie was thrilled because that allowed her to have much more consistent access to the donuts.

Hearing the news that Ambergre was not interested in continuing the shop, Leslie and Alan knew they had to do something to keep her fabulous donuts available to all of her dedicated fans. (Well, Alan was interested in helping all of those  dedicated fans but Leslie was really only interested in her own personal Ambergre donut fix.)

Leslie and Alan are also very happy to have the opportunity to spread the message that vegan food can be sublimely delicious, more healthy, environmentally friendly, and, most importantly, ethical.

Because Ambergre will continue to sell her donuts from the truck, she is keeping the Diggity Doughnuts name. Leslie and Alan decided to use the name Nana’s Donuts as a tribute to Leslie’s Nana who provided Leslie with all sorts of sweetness during her childhood. And Leslie is also a Nana to 9 grandchildren.

Leslie and Alan are indebted to Ambergre for spending many years perfecting her donuts and for allowing them the privilege of continuing her tradition. They are excited about spreading donut joy from the little shop on Meeting Street.

Photos by Justin Falk Photography.